Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1856

David Loring, surveyed land Feb ‘56

Geo F Damon (of Carlisle) surveyed woodlot of, L & H Jones (correction of Dr Davis of Concord)

110. for taxes)  Mar 5, ‘56

Sketch of Brown homestead

Plan of the “Davis Piece” (so called) in the S.W. Part of Concord Mass. Belonging to Thomas Wheeler … Apr. 28, 1856


Samuel Maples? Surveyed the Davis piece on northeast of brook for Apr 28, ‘56

Samuel Maples? Surveyed the house lot of Mr. T Wheeler farm for Apr 30 ’56 and the Ox pastureMay 5, ‘85

Plan of the “Ox Pasture” (so called) Belonging to Thomas Wheeler Concord, Mass. … May 5, [18]56


111. Mrs. Whitman cemetery lots surveyed. May 24, ‘56


John Hosmer surveyed and made plan for.Surveyed pail factory. Jun 3 & 4, ‘56




112.Geo. Brook, Surveyed house lot of David Loring Sep 17, ‘56

Plan of the House Lot of David Loring in Concord, Mass. … Sep. 17, 1856 


R.W. Emerson Examined the two southernmost bounds of his wooded lot on the RR  March 18, ’56?

Daniel Shattuck surveyed lot on Monroe Street.Annexed from plan of his cottage house lot.Oct 6, ‘56

Marcus Spring, Eagleswood Perth Amboy surveyed and mapped Eagleswood for between Oct 24 and Nov 24, ’56.  rough sketch.
Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1857

114. Daniel Shattuck surveyed and made a plan of his Merrimick’s Pasture lots. Jan 10’57


John Thoreau surveyed and plotted land bought Hestis Smith from.Mar. 30, ‘57

Plan of John Thoreau’s House Lot, Concord, Mass as per Morgan Library Record ID:         116219

Accession Number:  MA 2111http://www.themorgan.org/home.asp

Louis A. Surrette made a plan cemetery lot for.Mar 31, ‘57


Concord Museum image

Courtesy of the Concord Museum

John Keyes, Surveyed the Dennis pasture for.Apr 24, ‘57

Louis A. Surrette made a plan cemetery lot for.  Mar 31, ‘57


John Keyes, Surveyed the Dennis pasture for.  Apr 24, ‘57

Willard T. Farrar, Found position of his woodlot lying in Lincoln. Apr 28, ‘57

Copy of Hubbard’s? plan this farm.


Willard T. Farrar and Geo Heywood, founds bounds for on the home lot in? Apr 30, ‘57

115. Geo Brooks – measured Gibson’s Mill in Littleton and made plan for. May 9, ‘57


Daniel Shattuck, surveyed woodlot bought Peter Hutchinson; for. May 19, ‘57

Variation of timepiece observed. Jul 1, ‘57 11 ½ AM 10 3/8 W

“Courtesy of the Concord Museum, http://www.concordmuseum.org”
Plan of Bateman Wood-lots (so called) Belonging to Charles Gordon, Concord Mass.


R. W. E. Wyman’s lot Dec ‘57


Plan of the Goose Pond & Walden Pond Woodlots (so called) Belonging to the Heirs of John Richardson, Jr Esq …Nov. & Dec. 1857

Abel Moore & John Hosmer woodlot copied from Hubbard Dec ‘57


R. W. E. acquired bounds with Bartlett for, Dec 14, ‘57 in accordance with James Burke.

116. Plan of a Woodlot Near Walden Pond Belonging to Samuel Staples … Dec. 6, [18]57


117.  Abel Moore & John Hosmer woodlot copied from Hubbard Dec ‘57


Rufus, Morse Surveyed and made plans of his land in Lincoln made of part of Richardson lot?  Dec 8, ‘57


R. W. E. Wyman’s lot Dec ‘57


Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1858

118. Nathan and Cyrus Hoar surveyed for Jan 12, ‘58 

Plan of Land in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Wm Rice … Jan. 20, 1858

119.Charles Gordon, surveyed farm for.Mar 23, ‘58

Samuel Staples, surveyed Kettle farm for Apr 8 & 26 ‘58

Plan of the Kettell Farm (so called) in Concord Mass. Belonging to Samuel Staples … Apr. 8 & 9, 1858 …


Plan of Woodland in Acton Belonging to Wm. D. Brown The Wood Chiefly White Pine Sold to Warner …Apr. 12, [18]58


Samuel Staples, surveyed Kettle farm for Apr 8 & 26 ‘58

R Warner surveyed to this point for etc May 19, 58

Geo Brooks surveyed part  of farm Brooks. Lincoln for Jun 5, ‘58

R. Harrier? Surveyed woodlot bought of

120. John Brown near Concord and Acton Jun 5, ‘58

Julius Smith, ran line between him and Keyes, Jun 9, ‘58

May 23 John Brown and Channing Jun 5, ‘58

Julius Smith, ran line between him and Keyes, Jun 9, ‘58

25 Edward Damon Factory Site May 6, 7, 13, 14, 1859 


Clark June 10, 1859

River west connection? Line 21

Cyrus Rufus July 11, ‘59

Rufus Marsh Smith August Aug 17’59

R.W.E. (Bedford Road) Sep 16’59

John Hosmer Loring of round top? Oct 29’59

Samuel Staples surveying T Wheeler woodlot for Dec 21 ‘59

Plan of Dec 28 ‘59

Town – Measured road improved by John Monroe from of north?  of town woods west of Tuttles (?) to the base of Strawberry? Hill (3.73ch this side of town land) Mar 15, ‘60

130. Aug. 2,’60 measured off ½ acre W of C Tarbell’s house in Lincoln.

Includes sketch.

Aug. 20, 1860 Surveyed N Hawthorne land



Aug 28 & 29 measured entire township of Lincoln on plan. 9,342 1/3 acres

Aug. 30 & 31 surveyed Minot’s plan in north Acton

Sep 28 & 29 Surveyed S houseboats house lot

Oct 1st Measured area of plan from map for Rhodes

131. Wm Monroe Jr Plan of land and on monument street Dec 1,’60

Lot on Shattuck’s plan Nov 13, ‘60

135. John Hosmer new house lot on factory road, after Channing survey 59-6


Nov 13, ’60 House lots for D. Shattuck on monument lot

Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1859&1860

121.William Cyrus and kin established bounds for Apr 5, ’59 between his woodlot and etc, etc with sketch


122. Apr 18, ’59 Woodlot on the south boundary of Acton beginning at red barn Buttrick being sold Rosemary Blood


May 3, ’59 Made plan of new Bedford Road etc etc.


May 6, ’59 Willis at factory home to woodlot


 Plan of Samuel A. Willis’ House & Woodlot at the Factory Village Concord Mass. Surveyed by Henry D. Thoreau & William D. Tuttle May 6, 1859 & Apr. 25, 1864



 Plan of a Woodlot Near Flint’s Pond, Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Cyrus Stow … May 9, [18]59

May 9, ’59  Cyrus Moore (and White) northeast of Flint’s Pond in Lincoln



May 6, 7, 13 and 14 During day some surveyed Damon’s land

May 17, ‘59 Fremont Lees land and factory

Plan of a Tract of land at the Factory Village in the SW Part of Concord Belonging to Samuel Lees …May 17, [18]59


Clark June 10, 1859

Plan … of a Small Woodlot in … Concord–Belonging to Prescott Barrett … June 10, 1859



150a  Plan of Samuel A. Willis’ House & Woodlot at the Factory Village Concord Mass. Surveyed by Henry D. Thoreau & William D. Tuttle May 6, 1859 & Apr. 25, 1864


107b  Statistics of the Bridges Over Concord River, Between Heard’s Bridge and Billerica Dam, Obtained June 22, 23, & 24, 1859 


John Hosmer Loring  Oct 29’59


Thoreau’s Illustrated Atlas, 1849-1860, Volume 1860

53 Plan of a Farm in Lincoln Mass. Belonging to Edward S. Hoar … March 1860 (27 & 28) [Notation on reverse: “Snelling Farm, South Lincoln



94c    Plan of John B. Moore’s Farm … Apr. 1860 [apparently the draft for printed plan 94b]


36 Plan of North Part of R.W.E. Woodlot Burned Last March … Apr. 30, 1860


55 Plan of the Boundary Line Between Land of Moses Prichard and Land of Joseph Holbrook on … Main Street in Concord Mass. … May 12, 1860


107a  Plan of Concord River from East Sudbury & Billerica Mills, 22.15 Miles, To be used on a trial in the S.J. Court, Sudbury & East Sudbury Meadow Corporation vs. Middlesex Canal, Taken by agreement of Parties, By L. Baldwin, Civil Engineer. Surveyed & Drawn by B.F. Perham. May 1834 [1859/1860] (rolled survey)


129 107b  Statistics of the Bridges Over Concord River, Between Heard’s Bridge and Billerica Dam, Obtained June 22, 23, & 24, 1859


51a   Plan of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Estate in Concord Mass. … Aug. 20, 1860


51b   [Draft for 51a; n.d.]


91  Plan of Geo. Minot’s Land on the Mill Brook … Aug. 30 & 31, 1860


113    Plan of the Estate of Daniel Shattuck in Concord Mass. … Sept. 29, 1860


23       Measured Area of Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, Boxborough, Acton, Littleton, Stow, Bedford for Rhodes …Oct. 1, 1860


128    Plan of Meadow Land in Concord Mass. Belonging to Cyrus Temple … Oct. 3, 1860


114     Plan of House Lot Concord Mass. Belonging to Daniel Shattuck … Nov. 13, 1860 (Notation on reverse in very faint pencil: “Daniel Shattuck’s Land Monument Street … “)



Henry David Thoreau

 Born: July 12, 1817 Concord, Massachusetts Died: May 6, 1862, he was 44 years old.